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Special Solutions and Services

Special Solutions and Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analysis and Machine Vision technique to provide innovative and cost-effective platforms services and products. With our canadian representative, we have improve the topics of artificial intelligence in the field of industry, security, powerplant HSE, agriculture, body fitness devices, etc

We offer in omanmedica company strategy and implementation of Artificial Intelligence projects, computer vision technologist from data capture to derived insights and predictive capabilities

Here, individuals and companies are empowered to explore and deploy AI services suited to their needs, with lower risk, without the need for expert knowledge of ML and with low initial investment. The Omanmedica representative SAIWA provides intuitive and easy-to-use web services for many AI applications. We are always open to work with clients to tailor our services according to their unique needs.

What We Can Do ?

We are working on behalf of Canadian company ( Ai-innovative ) to provide Ai solutions to improve, increase the productivity and also quality control of the product. We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed an aluminum surface defect detection project in collaboration with AI-innovate company for CAS Technology in Canada. We are also developing a health and safety platform, Agriculture Solutions, Machine Learning amd Deep Learning Projects which might be interesting for you.


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